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I'm Luis. I'm a 🌉 Bridge Engineer, 🎙️Podcaster, and 🚀 STEM advocate.

I am passionate about helping others reach their goals as well as use my engineering skills to help communities in need all over the world

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PPI has the best resources for the FE, PE, and SE exam. Their courses have a pass guarantee policy meaning that if you take one of their courses you are eligible to take additional 3-month on demand course from them.


A big challenge of growing up is making sure that you and your family is covered in case of an emergency. With plenty of options out there to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right coverage. Thankfully, Policygenius is here to help you. Being able to get life insurancehomeowners insurance, and disability insurance at an amazing rate should be your priority.


Here at Engineering our Future we are always looking to help the future generation of engineers. Partnering with YaizY was an easy decision as they are helping kids learn a variety of topics as well as to think critically. Attend one of their FREE masterclasses or use code Luis50 to get $50 off one of their courses. 

M1 Finance

Investing in your future should be high on your priority list. With M1, you have a custom and intuitive investing platform to meet your needs. Even if you are new to investment, their custom “Pies” will get you started. As a Engineering our Future listener, you receive $30 dollars to invest when you fund your account with $100. Start investing in your future now. 

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