The Masters vs Experience Discussion with Iasmin Rosa

Episode 10
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Summary of Content:

In this week’s episode, I sit with Iasmin Rosa. Iasmin is a bridge engineer with just over 3 years of experience. She has had a similar career path as me with some building experience early on and now working as a Structural Civil Engineer working on bridges. The only difference? I decided to get my masters and she decided to start working and getting real-world experience. We talk about some of the challenges and benefits of starting to work right away as well as other interesting insight on whether or not it is worth getting a masters degree. I hope you enjoy our conversation and the first guest of the podcast.

Some questions we discussed during the interview

  1. Did you have a hard time starting your first structural engineering job? How was the transition?
  2. Did you consider getting a MS? 
  3. What made you go straight into industry and not do a MS degree? 
  4. Looking back, would you do it the same way or would you had done a MS?
  5. Are you considering getting an MS in the future?
  6. What advice do you have for students about to graduate?

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In this podcast, your host Luis Duque, will talk about his own experiences and those around him to help young professionals, students, and international students succeed in their career. Luis is a practicing Bridge Engineer in Colorado. His career is just beginning, but he has been able to help communities in need as well as being involved with professional organizations to advance the Structural Engineering profession.

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