How Leadership Skills Will Boost Your Career With Pat Sweet

Episode 21
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I am actively looking to improve my productivity systems to better serve clients as well as to become more efficient in all the volunteering I do. I am always fascinated by how different other people manage their priorities but at the same time, they use a lot of the same principles. In this episode, I discuss how we as busy professionals can gain back some of the wasted time. He has a really cool resource to help busy professionals gain a β€œ6th Day”. He gives great tips on how we are wasting 8 hours a week and how we can become more efficient and some of our daily tasks.

Pat Sweet is a professional engineer working in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has over 12 years of professional experience in leading and managing engineers through complex systems integrations projects in the rail and defense industries.

He has a blog and a podcast to share his experiences and to help other leaders become better at what they do. Since then, he has had the opportunity to travel internationally to deliver talks and training and spoken at major universities. His work has been covered by the Financial Times and CBS News, and has been published by organizations such as IEEE, NSPE,

Overall, the work that Pat is doing in his career is truly inspirational and I am glad I got to talk to him for this episode. I really gained a lot of knowledge on how to manage my priorities as well as how to develop better systems to become a leader in my career. I hope all of you enjoy this episode and don’t forget to share it on social media and tag Pat and I with your favorite quotes.

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Some questions discussed in the episode (Video Timestamps):

00:00 – Intro
02:27 – Pat's Introduction
04:03 – What is your definition of productivity?
07:22 – What are some of the best practices when handling email?
12:00 – What tools and methods do you use to manage tasks?
17:46 – How to line up goals with projects?
19:50 – How do you become a leader? What is the difference between a leader and a manager?
23:34 – When is it important to get experience vs licensure or vice versa?
30:45 – What skills young engineers should have to become better leaders?
35:30 – What books do you recommend to young engineers to develop leadership skills?
37:38 – How can we continue Engineering our Future
9:30 – Connect with Pat Sweet
40:35 – Outro

Resources Mentioned

Free eBook: “Engineering Leadership 101: Practical Insights for Becoming an Engineering Leader at Any Stage”. Available at
Podcast episode on email management:
John Maxwell Books:

Connect with Pat


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