How To Find Your Mission

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There are many versions of our end goal in life, for me there is only one, get to heaven. At the end of our life we must look back and think if we gave all we had. I like the analogy of life being a marathon race. What do you think the main goal of a race is? Finish? Don't finish last? Well, if you ask me, your main goal should get to the finish line without anything left in the tank, no matter if you are first or last, you must give everything you have. Our earthly life should be lived similarly, we should give everything we have to make it to the finish line with nothing else to give. 

Now, what is our mission on earth? God is very clear with his mission, love me above all and love your neighbor as I love you. From those two simple facts, we know our main mission on earth. Through the years there have been thousands of Saints that have shown us how great we can live our life. Sometimes people see these Saints as gifted individuals with holy lives, but in reality they were normal people like you and me with a common life like ours. Some of them had big conversions, some of them took their difficulties and made them their greatest strengths. Here is where we need to think differently, we need to stop beating ourselves over mistakes we make, the Lord is merciful and loves us infinitely. 

I am sure that in one way or another, God has already revealed our earthly mission. It may not be clear right now but we all have a mission. If you don't believe it, think for a moment why did God decided for you to live during this time in history? Why not 500 years ago or into the future? He has a plan for all of us. It would be almost impossible for me to tell you exactly what your mission is, we need to discover it by listening and developing a relationship with Jesus. Life may feel like a blur right now full of uncertainties, but remember that God always walks with us, he never leaves us alone.

To that end, we do know that Jesus has called us to spread the Gospel throughout the world. Also, we are called to help each other make it to heaven. If we live a life like God wants us to, we will make it to heaven, but there is no greater joy than bringing your friends, family, and everyone else with you to heaven. If we understand these principles and we develop a true virtuous relationship with God and others, I assure you that your mission on earth will become more clear. We are made to set this world on fire, we are made to be great, remember that whenever you feel hopeless. 

Finally I want to end by telling you to humble yourself, remember to never stop learning. You will be surprised how much we are able to learn about ourselves when we listen and are open to learning.

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