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Developing your Authentic Self

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Why are we so worried about the number of “Likes”, “Follows”, or “Subscribers”? Is that how we want to be remembered – by the number of “Followers” we had?

There is a bigger life to live out there, a life of faith, friendship, and love. I have come to realize that the more I grow in these three aspects of my life the more fulfilling and meaningful my life has become. We all have fallen for social media, including me. Our society has led us to believe that we can find happiness through social media, but this happiness is fake and lacks a solid foundation. Don't get me wrong, social media is a powerful tool to spread faith, friendship, and love, but it is often misused. 

The moment we understand what we truly want to accomplish and work towards growing in that without thinking about the social media “fame” we will be full of joy. Honestly the content we produce will then be much more impactful because it comes from our hearts and not from our desire to please others; this content comes from a sense of truth.

So, how can we become authentic in a society that wants to destroy our dreams and tear us down? It all boils down to action. The moment that we decide to respond to the call for action tugging at our hearts we will become happier and more confident. I talked about this in a past video, and I truly believe it; the moment that we bring our thoughts and dreams into action we will find true happiness. Think about the dreams you have not yet pursued – do they bring you joy? 

Being authentic is definitely not an easy task, mainly because we fear being judged and questioned. That is why you see thousands of people on social media posting “perfect” pictures while trying to hide who they truly are. If you want to be authentic, you first need to be humble and vulnerable. We all have defects and weaknesses that we need to work on, but if we never sit down to identify them, we will never improve them. The problem is that many people try to hide them and, in consequence, develop a version of themselves that is not genuine. 

If you have been following me on social media for the last few months you may have seen a change in the type of content I have been posting. I have been trying to grow in faith, friendship, and love, and that has led me to become more aware of both my surroundings and the people around me. It is not easy to be vulnerable, to be authentic, and to step out of your comfort zone, but the reward of feeling free to be yourself and the happiness that comes with that is priceless. 

I find myself thinking a lot lately, and it is because I have found a desire to help others grow both in their faith and as people. All the content that I have produce over the last few months is not guided towards me but towards those of you who are watching it and (hopefully) enjoying it. I honestly have a great time writing and making videos to share the random thoughts that pop into my mind everyday. I have found this to be very fulfilling, and it has helped me find tremendous joy. I want to encourage you to be “free” for a week – free to follow your inner conscious and do the things that make you happy regardless of what others think.

I hope all of that some part of this has struck you in some way. We need to stop acting for others and start acting for ourselves, for our happiness! The more you think about it, the more sense it will make. We act to please others far too often when in reality we need to be pursuing our own dreams and aspirations. We need to be authentic!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Have a great day!