Engineering and Diving: Finding Passion in your Career with Mike Banasiak

Episode #32
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This week I talk to Mike Banasiak from Collins Engineers about underwater inspection for scour critical bridges. I had no idea this was an option for a career in civil engineering. Mike gives us a high level overview about what he does as a bridge inspector. We discuss the different challenges this type of inspection have such as visibility, additional certifications, and much more. He also shared some non-traditional career opportunities that students can pursue after graduation.

Michael Banasiak is a professional engineer with over 11 years of experience leading inspection teams on specialized above and below water structural inspections. He has performed thousands of structural inspections and is proficient in rope access climbing, non-destructive testing methods, underwater imaging, and commercial diving techniques. His capabilities are supplemented by being SPRAT Level III, ADCI Commercial Air Diving Supervisor, NDT Level II certified in UT/MT, and a FAA Drone Pilot. He currently serves as a Group Manager of Collins Engineers, Inc. Denver, CO Office.

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