From $140k in Debt to Financial Coach as a Civil Engineer with Nicolai Oliden

Episode #37
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Being an engineer goes way beyond the fact that we do design work during the day. I want to start expanding into areas of our life that we are not really been exposed early on in our careers. Personally, I enjoy talking about finances and our guest today has a lot of great insight into this topic. We discuss some of the reasons it is so hard to talk about money and especially when we make money mistakes. He has worked with many people guiding them and helping them take control over their finance. This episode was a lot of fun to record and I hope you enjoy it.

Nicolai Oliden is a Roadway Project Engineer and Office Manager at Ethos Engineering in Tempe, Arizona. Ethos is a civil, structural, and geotechnical firm. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2008. In addition to his work at Ethos, Nicolai started his own leadership development company, EngineeringYOU, where he helps people develop their self-discipline and leadership in order to thrive at work and home. He gives presentations across the country, leads personal development groups, and is also a Financial Coach. You can find him at the website and various social media platforms.

What you will learn in this episode

  • The importance of a budget
  • Where is the best place to save your emergency fund
  • The step-by-step process to get your finances under control
  • How Nicolai paid off $140k in debt and now has made over $1M as a Civil Engineer

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