From Engineer to Leader with Pat Sweet

Episode #74
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Being a very good and technical engineer doesn’t necessarily make you a good leader. But yet many engineers end up in leadership roles at some point in their careers, whether or not they know the basics of it. If that’s your case, then this episode brings your good news.

Today, Pat Sweet from the Engineering and Leadership Project joins the show to discuss how engineers with highly technical expertise can become awesome leaders. He made this transition himself and had to learn the principles the hard way, and now he helps you become the leader people will follow.

Patrick Sweet, P.Eng., MBA, PMP, CSEP is a recognized expert in engineering management, productivity, and leadership. He is the president of The Engineering & Leadership Project, which specializes in leadership and management development, training, and consulting for engineers and engineering firms. He also hosts the popular Engineering & Leadership Podcast, a show dedicated to helping engineering leaders thrive.

Prior to launching The Engineering & Leadership Project, Pat spent 13 years in the industry. His work focused predominantly on leading and managing engineers through complex systems integration projects in the rail and defense industries.

Pat has a bachelor of engineering from Dalhousie University and an MBA from the Royal Military College of Canada. He's also a professional engineer licensed in Nova Scotia, Canada, a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (INCOSE), and a certified Project Management Professional (PMI).

What You'll Learn:

  • What the Engineering and Leadership Project is All about (and How It Can Help You)
  • What Leadership is and Why Leaders are Important in Any Industry
  • The Real Difference Between Leadership and Management…
  • …And Why Anyone Can Be a Leader Without Even Being a Manager
  • How Pat Practiced His Skills Before Even Getting a Leadership Role
  • The Best Way Young Engineers Can Develop Leadership Skills Outside of the Office
  • The Biggest Change That Happens When You Transition into Leadership
  • The #1 Challenge Highly Technical People Face When They Move into Leadership
  • The Ultimate Measure of Success You’re Probably Neglecting
  • Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable as a Part-Time or Full-Time Solopreneur
  • Time Management Tips for Solopreneurs
  • Top Two Things to Remember about Transitioning into Leadership
  • Pat’s All-Time Favorite Resources to Become a Great Leader

Resources Mentioned:

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FREE PE Preparation Course – Engineering Our Future
Engineering Our Future Podcast #21 – Pat Sweet
Brené Brown
Jim Collins
Good to Great, by Jim Collins
Great by Choice, by Jim Collins

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