Happy PE Day – Answering your Questions About the Exam

Episode #46
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Taking the PE exam has been one of the hardest and most fulfilling things I have done in my career so far. It was challenging but I think with the right amount of practice, preparation, and strategy, you can pass the exam.

If you have not heard the previous podcast I highly recommend you go back and check them out. I would recommend you start with “Why Taking the PE Exam Made Me a Better Engineer ”, then “How to Prepare, Beat Anxiety, and Rock the PE Exam with Vanessa ”, and lastly check out “How to Make the Most Out of Your Career After Passing the PE Exam with Isaac Oakeson

Today on PE day. I wanted to take sometime to acknowledge all the PEs and soon to be PE out there. I hope you enjoy this episode and hopefully it helps you better prepare for the exam

Questions Answered in This Episode

  1. PE Study Schedule, Material, and how to manage family, work, and study.
  2. Any tips for organizing the years of progressive engineering experience?
  3. Is an engineer required to sign for your hours?
  4. What if you can’t get someone to sign for your hours, what do you do?
  5. Should you worry about studying for the PE exam if you are just starting grad school?
  6. Do you need to have four years of experience documented before taking the exam in every state?
  7. What are the immediate benefits of taking the PE?
  8. How well does your job/degree prepare you to take the PE?
  9. When to take the FE
  10. How to handle concept questions on the PE
  11. The best time to take practice exams
  12. Things to consider when starting to study for the PE
  13. Whether to take the October ‘21 PE or wait until CBT in ‘22
  14. Budgeting study time leading up to the test
  15. Taking the PE straight out of college or waiting
  16. How to handle problems when you have no idea where to start
  17. What to do in the week leading up to the exam
  18. What to do after the exam

Resources Mentioned

Tools and Resources
PPI Resources
Civil Engineering Academy FE Toolkit
Civil Engineering Academy PE Toolkit
Civil Engineering PE Course
Civil Engineering Academy FE Course
Civil Engineering Reference Manual
Structural Engineering Reference Manual

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