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Engineering Our Future Podcast

Luis Duque from Engineering our Future provides meaningful and educational conversations with some of the best and brightest engineers and professionals around the world so you can stay ahead of the curve in your career. Learn what the best engineers are working on, creating, and teaching so you can develop the skills needed to maintain your role as a key member of society.

Since 2018, Luis has been volunteering, working, and creating content that has inspired and empowered thousands of people. His career experience is broad for his relatively few years out of school. He shares all of his knowledge and experiences on the show – from his unconventional path to find a job as a structural engineer to becoming one of ten New Faces in Civil Engineering in 2020. He has worked on multiple international projects in different facets with Engineers Without Borders to help communities in need since 2014. Additionally, he is a member of numerous national committees on leadership, business practices, and international work with the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE as well as really active in the ASCE community serving as a mentor to other young engineers. 

This show covers a wide variety of topics that you won’t want to miss so if you are ready to help me continue Engineering our Future, hit subscribe and get ready to change your life. 

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Engineering our Future Podcast