How to Beat Impostor Syndrome and Embrace Challenge with Jeff Perry

Episode 26
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Do you suffer from impostor syndrome? I know we all have at some point in our careers. As a Latino in STEM, I struggle to see the facts and lean on these thought of not being enough. With Diversity and Inclusion being so important nowadays, it is hard for me not to think I got an awards, accepted into a committee, selected to talk at a conference, etc… because of my background. Jeff has some thoughts on how we can combat impostor syndrome and look at the facts to overcome these thoughts.

Jeff provides engineering and software pros with professional coaching to help develop soft skills like leadership and mindset to unlock hidden potential and remove self-imposed roadblocks for career and life.

People who work with Jeff are often experiencing:

  1. A lack of career fulfillment and are unsure of what changes need to be made. Then need a guide to help them find clarity and move through uncertainty.
  2. Feeling stuck in a job they hate and experiencing the โ€œMonday Bluesโ€ all week long, and need help aligning their career and life in a more holistic way.
  3. Have been trying to get that promotion, seeking out growth opportunities and somehow are getting passed over each time and need help developing and sharpening the soft skills that compliment hard skills needed to become a leader.
  4. Dealing with massive โ€œimposter syndrome.โ€ They need help developing the mindset, leadership models and soft skills needed to believe in themselves again!

For years, Jeff have had the pleasure of supporting engineers and software pros from new grads to director level. Having been on the front lines in the technical world, he has been able to map out the necessary skills for becoming a quality leader in the field. When you work with Jeff as a coach, you work with someone who has been where you are, and has the skills to get you where you want to go. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Leadership Training and Development
  2. Career and Mindset Coaching
  3. Personal Branding
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Some questions discussed in the episode (Video Timestamps):

00:00 Intro
01:48 Intro Jeff Perry
03:13 Why did you started More than Engineering?
09:56 How do we overcome impostor syndrome both at work and outside of work?
19:15 How can we better show our accomplishments and successes?
25:14 How can we find a career that will bring joy?
31:29 When did you implement your journaling and how it ties to your morning routine?
35:50 What books do you recommend to young engineers?
38:53 How can we future proof our careers?
44:14 How can we continue Engineering our Future?
45:23 Connect with Jeff


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