How to Improve Your Communication as an Engineer With Neil Thompson

Episode #73
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What makes a good presentation? Unfortunately, if you’re an engineer or any other STEM professional, it’s probably not what you do with yours.

Even though their careers heavily depend on their communication and public speaking, most engineers still overlook these skills to focus on their technical expertise alone. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this choice, except for one thing.

Being technically proficient is not enough. You have to communicate the value of your technical knowledge to the non-technical folks making the decisions that impact your career in your company. Whether that comes in the form of a promotion, a raise, etc.

Therefore, today’s episode brings you good news. After being in the trenches himself, Teach the Geek’s founder Neil Thompson teaches STEM professionals how to communicate effectively to non-technical audiences and get that promotion, raise, or even that job they’ve always wanted.

Neil Thompson is the founder of Teach the Geek, working with engineers so that they can communicate more effectively. An engineer himself, he struggled with presenting, specifically in front of non-technical audiences. He got better at it over time and now helps people like himself.

He's also a podcaster, host of the Teach the Geek podcast. As a podcaster, he interviews engineers who practice public speaking, learning about their careers, and ultimately, their public speaking journeys.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Neil’s Own Struggles with Public Speaking You’ll Definitely Relate to
  • The Biggest Communication Issue for Every Engineer in Technical Roles
  • Why It’s of Your Own Interest to Be a Better Communicator and Speaker
  • The Number One Challenge Engineers Face When Developing These Skills
  • Four Different Ways You Can Easily Improve Your Communication Skills
  • The Aspects That Make an Outstanding Presentation You Probably Neglect
  • Four Steps to Correctly Prepare and Give a World-Class Presentation
  • The Career Benefits of Good Communication for Engineers
  • Effective Resources to Learn Communication and Public Speaking Skills….
  • …And the Key to Getting Better at Them

Resources Mentioned:

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LinkedIn – Neil Thompson
Teach the Geek Website
Teach the Geek to Speak Society
Youtube / Anchor / Spotify – Teach the Geek podcast
Instagram – @_teachthegeek_
Twitter – @teachthegeek

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