Launching Hispanics Towards Success with Andrea Martin

Episode #54
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Have you ever wanted to pursue something bigger than what you already have? Maybe it’s that job promotion you’ve always wanted, or even a total career shift to go after something else. In our third episode celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, you’ll learn from a latina engineer who did both, and now helps you do the same―both in your career and personal life.

Today, Andrea Martin explains how you can envision, plan ahead, act, and hold yourself accountable so that you can achieve your most ambitious career and life goals. She dismitifies the “motivation” most people think they need, and details her own habits and routines that allowed her to build a 6-figure business while still working full-time.

As the founder of Andrea Martin Consulting, Andrea has extensive experience navigating the corporate world on her own terms. As a first-gen Peruvian American, a mother of two, wife, people leader, and coach, she understands the dynamic of what it takes to wear many hats while still moving towards your goals.

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering, Masters in Business, and is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. She combines her experience leading multi-billion dollar projects, large organizations and delivers a straightforward coaching perspective for her clients.

As a coach, Andrea understands that it is not always easy juggling the list of daily responsibilities effectively. This is why you must have a structured and practical plan in place to avoid becoming overwhelmed and over-stressed. She has coached 100+ women on enhancing productivity, career development, and decision-making skills to create a more balanced lifestyle.

The hard truth is that intelligence and hard work will only get you so far and many talented professionals are forgotten due to a lack of strategy.

She made it her mission to support ambitious professionals that are done playing small and want to reach bigger goals.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Andrea's Difficult Transition from Peru to the US
  • How She Started Her Business While in Maternity Leave
  • Why Most People Don’t Take the Time to Plan Their Next Steps
  • Why You Should Focus on The Person You Want to Be; Not the Goal Itself
  • Why Your Beliefs About Yourself May Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals
  • Habits That Allowed Her to Grow Her Business While Working Full-Time and With Kids
  • The Time Management Technique She Uses to Map Out Her Days
  • Why You Should Start the Day Taking Care of Yourself First
  • Why Communication With Whoever You Live With is Essential
  • The #1 Thing Students Need to Pursue Bigger Professional Goals
  • How Hispanics Can Overcome Mental Barriers to Achievements
  • Comparisons on Social Media: How Can You Better Deal With it?
  • Her Struggles When Transitioning from Engineering to Business
  • Why You Need to be Aware of Some Cultural Values That are Imposed on You
  • The Reason You Should Always Tell People the “What”, But Also Explain the “Why”

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