Learning about the Future of Licensure in Engineering

Episode #58
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Professional licensure is your passport to a professional career. It not only allows you to add initials after your name (PE, SE, etc.), but it’s also a step forward in your professional life. Today, you’ll sit in the first row and learn about the path to licensure for civil engineers, whether you want to be a PE, SE, or even if you’re an international student coming into the US after college.

Andrea Reynolds and Chun Lau are two experienced Professional Structural Engineers working with licensure committees and organizations across the US. Building upon her work at NCEES developing the PE and SE exams, Andrea shares her tips for those who want to get the two licenses. And Chun elaborates on his experience as the chair of the SEI Licensure Committee to explain the legalities that come into play from one state to another.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Andrea’s Work at NCEES Developing the Professional Exams You Take
  • Chun’s Position and Job at the SEI Licensure Committee
  • Three Reasons Why You Should Get Your Professional License
  • The Difference Between the PE and SE Licenses—And Why You Should Care
  • How Do You Get the SE License? Do You Need the PE License First?
  • Are There any States That Allow You to Sit for the SE Exam Before Taking the PE?
  • What Should You Do to Determine Which License You’ll Need?
  • How Exam Decoupling Really Works
  • What Areas of Practice Usually Require the SE License as a Minimum?
  • Insights on the PE Exam Going CBT Next Year—And Why the SE Exam is Next
  • How to Prepare for the SE Exam When it Switches to CBT
  • What is the Structural Engineering Licensing Coalition?
  • What are the Basic Requirements to a Professional License?
  • How Can International Students Get Licensure in the US?
  • Do You Need to Take the PE Again if You Want—or Need—to Practice in Another State?
  • The Importance of Continuing Education (PDHs) to Your Competence as an Engineer
  • What to Do If You Can’t Find Enough People to Sign Your Professional Reference When Applying for Licensure?

Resources Mentioned:

SEILive: Exams & Licensure – Streamed on October 13, 2021
SEI – Structural Engineering Institute, by ASCE
ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers
NCSEA – National Council of Structural Engineers Association
CASE – Council of American Structural Engineers
NCEES Website
NCEES YouTube Channel
Civil PE Exam, by NCEES
SE Exam, by NCEES
SELC – Structural Engineering Licensure Coalition
Structure Magazine

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