Lessons from Hispanics in STEM

Episode #56
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Throughout our Hispanic Heritage Month miniseries, you’ve learned a lot from different latinos and latinas in STEM. These hispanics are not only doing amazing work in their own areas, but also empowering and helping other hispanic STEM professionals, as well as the next generation of hispanics in the field.

In this “miniseries finale”, you'll hear the biggest takeaways from each one of the episodes celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. While you should definitely check them out at full length, today, you’ll learn the most important things from some of the most successful and impactful hispanics out there helping latinos and latinas succeed in their career and life.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • A SEI Live Event Happening Today at 10:30 a.m. (MT) You Cannot Miss!
  • How Girls in Civil is Helping Hispanic Women in STEM
  • Girls in Civil’s #1 Piece of Advice for You if You Truly Want Something in Life
  • Why You Should Always Go After Something Bigger in Your Career
  • Why Taking Care of Yourself First, According to Andrea Martin
  • The Power of Morning Routines―And Why You Should Have One
  • The Prioritization Question You Need to Ask Yourself Every Day
  • Andrea’s Advice on How Hispanics Can Break Free from Diminishing Themselves
  • The Ugly Side of Achievement with Joan Melendez
  • Why Your Degree Doesn’t Define Your Career―And How You Can Change Paths
  • Joan Explains Why Space Exploration is Beneficial―And How Much it Really Costs

Resources Mentioned:

Contact Page – Engineering Our Future
hi@luisfelipeduque.com – Contact Email
The One Thing, By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
Ali Abdaal’s YouTube channel
SEI Live Event: Exams & Licensure – October 13, 10:30 a.m. MT
Engineering Our Future #39 – Why Taking the PE Exam Made Me a Better Engineer
Engineering Our Future #42 – How to Prepare, Beat Anxiety, and Rock the PE Exam With Vanessa
Engineering Our Future #43 – How to Make the Most Out of Your Career After Passing the PE Exam Isaac Oakeson
Engineering Our Future #46 – Happy PE Day―Answering your Questions About the Exam

Hispanic Heritage Month Miniseries:

Engineering Our Future #52 – First Episode of Hispanic Heritage Month
Engineering Our Future #53 – Girls in Civil
Girls in Civil Website
Girls in Civil Instagram (@girlsincivil)
Engineering Our Future #54 – Andrea Martin
Andrea Martin Consulting
Engineering Our Future #55 – Joan Melendez
Joan's Instagram Page (@yourfemaleengineer)

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