My Struggles with Mental Health

Episode #61
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It’s no mystery that we’ve all been going through some really hard times since March 2020. Not only did the pandemic change the way we work, but also how we do literally everything else. And on top of that, each of us has our own life struggles to handle. Whether that’s money, family problems, illness, or even our personal goals.

As a result, we’ve seen a number of people come out and express their challenges with mental health issues. And make no mistake, this includes those who we’d normally think are both physically and mentally tough.

Even though the pandemic has completely made things worse, mental health issues are simply part of life. At some point, we all experience some sort of mental illness or anxiety disorder. Yet most people still avoid talking about it. Why? Because it’s often regarded as a weakness instead of a situation we need to deal with.

Today, however, you’ll learn that you're not alone. Luis shares his life-long struggles with mental health issues that started way back in middle school, but that still persist to this date. He shares the red flags and symptoms he suffers from, the things he’s implemented to help him handle the situation, and the resources he’s been using and heard good things about that can help you too.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why Most People Don’t Talk About Their Mental Health Issues
  • How People Often Deal With Their Mental Health Problems―And Why It’s Wrong
  • What is the Right Way to Go About Your Mental Struggles or Anxiety Disorder?
  • A Silver Lining: How These Tough Times Can Help Shape a Better Version of Yourself
  • Surprising Mental Health Stats That Will Get You Worried About Yours
  • Luis’s Red Flags and Symptoms of Mental Health Problems
  • 7 Things He Does to Help Him With His Struggles―And How They Can Help You Too
  • Highly-Recommended Resources to Help You Navigate These Tough Times
  • The #1 Takeaway From This Episode, If You Only Take One Thing With You

Resources Mentioned:

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Engineer Gift Guide
We Need to Talk More About Mental Health at Work – Harvard Business Review
Make Mental Health Your #1 Priority – Harvard Business Review
BetterHelp – Mental Health Services
Calm – Meditation App
Headspace – Meditation App

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