CL #1: Introducing Career Leverage

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✨ News and Announcements

Over the past few months, I have been thinking deeper about what I want to do with this newsletter. It has grown tremendously to nearly 1000 highly motivated engineers and professionals.

Today, I am announcing the Career Leverage Newsletter. A completely new product to help you in your career. We will discuss how to use your expertise to leverage your career. Every Thursday, it will be a short read to help you take your career job next level.

Engineering our Future has been all about helping you forge your path. For a while, the Newsletter was simply another avenue to share the content I was producing – But I want the newsletter to become something bigger.

I have completely redesigned the structure of this newsletter to give you the best content possible.

At the top, you will find today’s sponsor. Sponsors make all I do possible, so please consider supporting them.

At the bottom, you will find ways I can help you in your career. The information will always be there whenever you need.

Additionally, I have started a referral program for you to earn some free stuff and goodies. Simply share your link at the bottom of this email. This will keep track of the people you are referring to the newsletter. I am still working out the tier levels, but the program is LIVE! We will also have giveaways coming up soon, so stay tuned.

🏆 The start of something exciting


Starting something new is always exciting. But it required a lot of work and determination.

does it really?

Well, sometimes it just required you to start doing it. Over the last two years, I learned that to make something happen, we don’t need inspiration, motivation, research, and any of the things we normally associate with successful people. What makes them successful is that they are DOING IT.

Taking that first step and actually doing it is the key to success.

In recent months, I have been working on a big project. The Ultimate PE Exam Study Guide. It took me over five months to get this course done. Not because it was huge, but because I was falling into the trap of “Needing the motivation to do it.”

The author of the great book Atomic Habits, James Clear, makes a great point. You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

A system is what we need to create to get more done. Not waiting for motivation to strike.

This happens to all of us at work and in life. We wake up tired and expect a glimpse of motivation to hit us to finally get out of bed. I wake up at 5 am most days, and there is not a single day I didn’t wish I could just stay in bed and sleep a little longer. It is comfortable. It is cozy.

But I know I have things to do. I have a system that allows me to continue producing content even if I am tired.

Create those systems to help you achieve more and use your time better.

❤️ This Week’s Favorites

⚙️ Tools –

Shortform*: Shortform is the best way to learn ideas from all those books you’ve always wanted to read. They have one-page summaries and detailed summaries that help you understand the books in a completely different way.

If you want to get new book guides and weekly articles on topics like Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship go to and get five days of unlimited access to thousands of books and a 20% discounted annual subscription.

🔗 Resources –

The Ultimate PE Exam Study Guide: I know this is one of my own, but I am excited to share it with you. I am 100% confident it will make your journey to passing the PE Exam easier and more enjoyable. Use code PELAUNCH for a 50% discount. This won’t last long.

🎧 Listening –

How to Change Your Workplace: This was an amazing episode by Adam Grant. It’s hard to make a change at work happen. But wherever you sit in the hierarchy, there are steps you can take to overcome resistance and motivate people to embrace new ideas.

🤔 Pondering –

The goal of your writing is effective communication – writing that


Busy people read what you write.

So you are more useful to them when your writing takes up less of their time.

The goal: invest the time to write well now to save others time in the future.

From Dickie Bush on Twitter resurfaced using Readwise



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Here is your chance to be featured in a future issue

See you again next week…

Whenever you are ready, here are some ways I can help you:

1. Pass the PE exam without sacrificing your personal life here  (100+ students)

2. Work 1:1 with me to grow in your career or income (Booked out 2-3 weeks)

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