CL #14 – 10 Skills College Does Not Teach You

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In a world where we are constantly demanded to work harder and expected to know more than ever before, there are some areas where college does not prepare us well. 

Learning these skills takes time and practice and often comes from a desire to improve anything you are working on. Today I want to share what I think are ten essential skills that college doesn’t teach.  

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10 Skills You Need To Learn

  1. Money management – College can provide you with a strong foundation of financial literacy. Still, it won't teach you how to navigate the intricacies of investments, taxes, budgeting, or other money-related issues. Learning to manage your finances and make wise choices with your money is a critical skill that must be developed independently.
  2. Effective communication – Not only do you need to be able to communicate your ideas and opinions, but you also must be able to do so respectfully and persuasively. This includes mastering active listening, providing feedback, and understanding how to convey your message correctly.
  3. Independent thinking – College can give you the tools to think for yourself. Still, it won't teach you how to think critically and creatively solve problems. This is a skill that you must develop on your own, as it requires analyzing information and formulating your own opinions. Getting involved in professional organizations is a great way to practice this skill. 
  4. Networking skills – Building a solid network of contacts is the key to success in any field. You need to know how to make meaningful connections, how to create a good impression, and how to maintain your relationships.
  5. Time management – College won't teach you how to juggle multiple tasks and prioritize your time. This is a skill that you must learn through practice.
  6. Research skills – College can provide the basics of research. Still, it is ultimately up to you to hone your research skills and learn how to research to find reliable and accurate information effectively.
  7. Self-motivation – College can give you the tools to motivate yourself and stay on track, but it won't teach you how to push yourself to reach your goals and stay focused. This is something that you need to learn on your own.
  8. Emotional intelligence – College won't teach you how to manage your emotions and interact with others in a respectful and understanding way. You must develop emotional intelligence through practice.
  9. Critical thinking – College can provide the framework for critical thinking. Still, it won't teach you how to evaluate information, develop creative solutions, and make decisions based on careful thought and analysis.
  10. Self-care – College won't teach you how to care for yourself physically and mentally. This includes managing stress, prioritizing sleep, and practicing healthy habits.

What Can We Get Out of These Skills?

Knowledge is power. It is the foundation for success and the key to unlocking your potential. It helps us make better decisions, understand complex concepts, and stay ahead of the curve. With knowledge, we can create opportunities and open doors that would otherwise remain closed. By acquiring knowledge, we can become more informed and empowered to impact the world positively.

As we mature in our careers, these skills become increasingly important. Not only can learning to apply these skills help you become a better engineer, but they can also help you stand out from the crowd.

It is essential to learn these 10 skills because they can help you navigate life and gain a better understanding of the world. They can help you make better decisions and develop better relationships with others. They can also help you determine what is worth your time, effort, and resources and what isn't. Learning these skills can help you become more confident and develop problem-solving skills. Ultimately, these skills can help you become a better version of yourself and succeed in life.

As your career progresses, the demand for your time also increases. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work and responsibilities you have. By learning some of these skills, you can analyze your priorities and be more confident in your decision-making process.

Ultimately, college provides an invaluable foundation, but many other aspects of life must be learned independently. By learning and developing these skills, you can better understand how to make informed decisions, navigate life more effectively, and reach your full potential.

Parting words

I hope this list gave you some great ideas on skills to explore and practice. I am by no means an expert in these skills, but I have found that they helped me progress much faster in my career and personal life. 

I will be writing more about these individual skills in the future. What skills interest you the most? Leave a comment on this post or reply to this email and let me know. 

Call to action

Take one of these skills this week and read what others have done to develop it. After you understand what has worked for others, implement a plan to practice it. This can be as simple as jumping on a call with someone you want to get to know (Networking) or practicing calendar blocking or other time management techniques (Time Management).

See you again next week…

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