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CL #3 – Develop Your Confidence

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We often hear engineers are not confident.

Engineers are typically not seen as confident because we are often quiet and analytical. When I look back at what truly means to be confident, I see skills and traits often seen in engineers.

This observation has been portrayed by the media. Think back to the movies you have seen. How are engineers shown? Are they the leaders of the group? Are they the most confident?

I don’t think so.

Engineer’s design is used by millions of people every day.

Think about what humanity has been able to achieve. Engineers are the pioneers of most technological advancements.

When I look back at my career so far, I see a lot of examples where confidence and innovation have served me well. It is definitively not easy to develop confidence and seem confident to others. The best way to build confidence is to practice confidence.

Confidence is not knowing what to do all the time or taking charge of every situation. Being confident sometimes means you take a step to the side so others can shine.

If you believe engineers are not confident, you are missing a massive skill we have as engineers.

Instead of letting others define who you are, practice confidence daily.

There are many small actions that you can start practicing today to increase your confidence. Both the one you feel as well as the one others see.

The easiest and fastest way to seem more confident is to smile more. Smiling more makes you more confident with very little effort.

Developing confidence takes time, and simple steps can make a big difference. Smiling more, dressing up, and not being scared of failing, are just a few characteristics of confident people.

Here are three more tips for developing your confidence.

Stop negative and worrying thoughts: Negativity is like eating fast food every day and expecting you will get fit. You need to affirm your strengths and create an environment where you can thrive.

Confident Body Language: Display your confidence in the world through powerful body language. Stand up straight, establish eye contact, and pull your shoulders back.

Face Your Fear: Never let fear hold you back. Asking for a new promotion or a pay raise is scary, but don't let fear stop you. When people believe engineers are not confident, it makes us believe it. Create an environment where you can thrive and feel the support of others.

Most importantly, practice confidence daily.

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🤔 Pondering –

I am brilliant, bright, and beautiful.

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See you again next week…

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