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Podcast Partners

I am always looking for new partners for the podcast. The podcast promotes an inclusive environment that empowers the future generation of engineers. Is your company or organization interested in sponsoring an episode or a series of episodes? Or even the entire show? Reach out to me using the Contact Form

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PPI has the best resources on the internet to study for the FE, PE, and SE exams. They have a large variety of practice problems and practice exams along with a pass guaranteed program. Their course selection covers all the topics you need to pass the exam. I used PPI to study for my PE exam and found all the resources very helpful and make my experience a lot easier. Get 15% off their products.

Audible is one of the best places to find audiobooks online. As someone who is busy and likes to learn as much as possible, listening to audiobooks while driving, on a walk, or at work has become a time saver. Audible is giving the listener of the podcast a free 1-month trial and free audiobook for you to try it out.

Skillshare is an amazing platform to learn anything from how to build a website to editing videos and much more. They have one of the largest libraries online to learn new skills from thousands and thousands of teachers from all over the world. Skillshare is offering a FREE 14 day trial or 30% off the annual premium subscription to the listeners of Engineering our Future.

Grammarly is a must-have tool for writing emails, essays, blogs, and anything in-between. English is not my first language so having a tool like this is essential for all the writing I do. Get Grammarly for free or upgrade to take advantage of all the features including spell checkinggrammar checkingplagiarism checkingproofreading, and more.