8 Things Every Person Should do Before 8am

Episode #82
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A morning routine gets you into the right state of mind, body, and soul so you can tackle the day ahead. However, creating a routine and sticking with it is not easy. So today, Luis dissects 8 habits you can try before 8am to supercharge your day — and how to create them.

These 8 things are some of many things Luis has tried himself that now help him get ready for the day, whether at the office or at home. After years of iteration, he now has a morning ritual in place that really sets him up for a successful day. And that's the same process you’ll also have to follow.

Keep in mind there’s no right or wrong here. There’s only the routine that works for you. So use these 8 things as ideas for you to try, but change, iterate, adapt, or get rid of any of them that does not suit you well.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 8 simple things you can do before 8am to set you up for a productive day
  • The importance of a morning routine — and how to create your own
  • The positive impacts of sleep on all aspects of your life
  • The best early-morning drink to fuel your body
  • Easy-to-start mindfulness practices to try in your morning routine
  • Different types of journaling and how to get started today
  • A simple habit that can improve your concentration at the task at hand
  • Simple physical exercise alternatives you could try
  • One thing to do before and after the workday to keep you on the productivity road

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