All You Need to Pass the PE Exam

Episode #80
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PPI has now become the go-to company in preparation materials and courses for the PE exam. So today, you’ll get “insider” information directly from Jenny Sligh, PPI’s Senior Manager of Programs and the woman in charge of all its prep materials to help you pass your PE exam on your first try.

As all NCEES licensure exams transition to CBT, getting the right instruction and study materials can really give you a leg up. Jenny lays out PPI’s efforts to adapt its resources to match the new exam and explains that many levels on which PPI can help you get your license, no matter your budget. Plus, they offer a Passing Guarantee you can take huge advantage of!

Elaborating on her 10 years at PPI, she got to know a lot of expert course instructors and successful test takers. And today, she also lists some of the little-known, non-technical aspects of the PE exam most examinees miss — and end up not passing because of it.

Jenny has worked for PPI for 10 years. She is the Senior Manager of Programs, responsible for the sales and operations of exam prep courses, corporate programs, and university programs. Prior to PPI, Jenny worked for various associations in the professional development space. She has a BA in Public Relations and Advertising from Chapman University. Jenny currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, Justin, and 5-year-old son, Lincoln, and she sings in an a cappella group.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Jenny’s 10-year professional history with PPI
  • The biggest changes to the PE exam as it goes CBT — and how it impacts you
  • How you'll have access to the engineering codes in the CBT exam
  • How to correctly prepare for the CBT PE exam
  • Are all PPI materials now updated to match the CBT exam?
  • The three resource tiers PPI offers and what you get with each
  • PPI's prices for each resource tier
  • Non-engineering preparation and exam day tips as important as technical knowledge
  • Three pieces of advice you need before you even plan on taking the exam
  • The #1 thing you should do to pass the PE exam
  • PPI's Resource Center with lots of content to help you in this journey
  • An interesting story with the one and only Michael R. Lindeburg, the founder of PPI

Resources Mentioned:

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Connect With Jenny:

LinkedIn – Jenny Sligh
Website – PPI
Contact – PPI

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