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Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset Will Make You a Better Engineer with Stephanie Slocum

Episode 24

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Are you an engineer who thinks technical knowledge is all you need to advance in your career? In this episode of the Engineering our Future podcast, I talk to Stephanie Slocum about engineering, entrepreneurship, and much more. As engineers, we do much more than crunch numbers for 8 hours a day. This podcast episode will give you a different perspective from someone who spent 15 years practicing structural engineering, wrote a book, and started her own business to help women in STEM have fulfilling careers.

Stephanie Slocum, PE, is the founder of Engineers Rising LLC and author of the best-selling book She Engineers. She is a career and business strategist for engineers with a specialty in helping frustrated women in engineering through her virtual platform and programs.

Stephanie is the current chair of the Structural Engineering Institute’s (SEI’s) Business Practices committee, has been elected to SEI’s Board of Governors for 20-21, is a member of the NCSEA SE3 committee, and a member of ASCE’s Task Committee on the Code of Ethics. She is a winner of the 2020 Connected World’s Women in Technology Award for her work empowering women in engineering. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s in architectural engineering, and worked as a structural engineer for 15 years prior to founding her own firm.

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Some questions discussed in the episode (Video Timestamps):

00:00 Intro
03:03 Intro Stephanie Slocum
05:20 What motivated you to write She Engineers?
11:00 How did writing this book made you a better engineer in terms of time management?
14:27 How can a young engineer improve in their careers by having a entrepreneurial mindset?
20:15 What challenges did you have when you first started Engineers Rising?
24:25 Why do people outside engineering do not see us as key members of our society? Quiet by Susan Cain Podcast about networking
33:08 Tips to network better as an engineer
35:43 It is better to take action than just have a plan
37:09 What skills do we need to improve our leadership skills?
46:05 What common mistakes do you see young engineers make in their careers?
54:30 how can we continue Engineering our Future?
58:38 Connect with Stephanie
58:58 Outro

Resources Mentioned:

Quiet by Susan Cain:
She Engineers:
Networking Tips: Advice for the Introverted:

Connect with Stephanie


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