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Paying off $140k in Debt, You Can Too!

Episode #86

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Student loans. Credit card balances. Car loans. There are many different types of consumer debt you can easily get into. But this episode is all about how you can get rid of them…faster than you think.

Today, Nicolai Oliden from Engineering YOU shares his own personal finance story to pay off $149k worth of debt — and that didn't even include his house.

As with most young professionals fresh out of school, he lived a lifestyle he couldn't afford just to “keep up the joneses.” He opened lots of credit cards, went one trips he couldn't afford, bought things he didn't have money for.

The consequence? He piled up more $140k in consumer debt to a point where more than half of his monthly income was already committed.

After realizing the problem, he took a personal finance class and everything changed. He learned the basics of personal finance and a simple, but effective, method that gets you paying off your debts faster than you think is possible. And you’ll find all of this in this episode.

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