Seven Reasons Why Volunteering is Important for Your Career

Episode #59
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He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” This excerpt from a quote by Gordon Hinckle encapsulates the power of volunteering. The primary effect is the help people will get from the work being done. The secondary effect, which most of the time goes unnoticed, benefits the volunteer him or herself.

From a professional standpoint, volunteering will add lots of ‘people skills’ to your tool box. Since you’ll be working in teams, talking to groups of people, and even leading some of them towards a common goal, you’ll hone in on some skills that only experience will teach you. And these, of course, can be then applied to your corporate job.

From a personal perspective, volunteering helps you sharpen your body and mind. Even though there are many types of volunteering work out there, most of them take place outdoors. You’ll not only have to keep your body active, but you’ll also see firsthand the projects getting finished. And most importantly, you’ll see the look in people’s eyes and feel grateful that the work you did—whether engineering-related or not—will help them have a better life.

Nowadays, the need to meet endless deadlines has robbed many engineers of knowing why they do what they do in the first place. That’s when volunteering comes into play. It helps you be part of teams that are literally changing people's lives for the better. This allows you to see the result of your work, as well as the time you’ve put into it.

Engineers have the technical expertise to make big changes in society and help many communities that may lack some basic needs. In today’s episode, you’ll learn why you should volunteer, as well as the many ways you can benefit from it. It’s not complicated to get started. Nor does it need to be fancy.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Seven Benefits of Volunteering That Help With Other Areas of Your Life
  • Four Super Easy Ways to Find Volunteering Opportunities
  • Different Types of Volunteering Work―And Why It’s Simpler Than You Think
  • Why Should You Do it?
  • How Volunteering Makes You Feel Like You Have More Time―Even If You Don’t
  • The Important Skills You’ll Develop While Volunteering
  • How It Helps You Sharpen Your Mind and Body
  • How You’ll Grow as a Person If You Volunteer

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