STEMedia Edutainment and Career Development for Young Professionals with Dr. Nehemiah Mabry

Episode #47
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Contrary to what most people think, pursuing a career in STEM can be exciting and rewarding. And that’s true regardless of our background. In fact, diversity in STEM is the number one driver of better engineering solutions and future progress. For this reason, we need new learning methods and real-life examples to inspire young professionals with different life backgrounds and perspectives.

Today’s guest combines both solutions. Instead of the usual classroom setting we’re all used to, Dr. Nehemiah Mabry uses entertainment to pass on educational content―known as Edutainment. His company, STEMedia, teaches and inspires you in your unique STEM journey, regardless of what it is. In fact, the 21st century allows young professionals to custom design their own careers based on what their passion is. This means your civil engineering major, for example, does not necessarily require you to work as a civil engineer if that's not what you want.

By elaborating on his own experience as an engineer and the transition into an entrepreneurial role, Dr. Nehemiah explains why people in STEM are particularly well suited for entrepreneurship, and the complementary skills they need to learn to thrive in the business world. If you want to keep working in STEM, however, he’ll also show you how you can develop your own career.

Dr. Nehemiah Mabry is a highly requested STEM Speaker, Engineer, Educator and Entrepreneur based in Raleigh, North Carolina. His technical experience includes 8+ years of research at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and he currently works as an Adjunct Professor and Bridge Design Engineer at Simpson Engineers & Associates in Cary.

As a grad student at North Carolina State University, he founded STEMedia Incorporated in 2012. STEMedia is a digital media company that provides educational and inspirational content to empower young professionals in STEM. Since its inception, Dr. Mabry has won national awards, thousands through public speaking and lectures, and partnered with several organizations, businesses and academic institutions.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

How Dr. Nehemiah's started STEMedia
Why Engineers are well suited for entrepreneurship―but most don't realize it
The complementary skills engineers should learn for the business world
How to overcome the fear of promoting your business
How your unique individual story can inspire other people with similar backgrounds
How diversity in STEM leads to better overall solutions and innovation
Why public speaking can be an inspiring and educational two-way street
How the STEMedia combines education with entertainment to help your STEM career
Careers are not set in stone. What should you do to design your own?
Civil engineers and their heavy use of technology
The two fields expected to grow within STEM
How the civil engineer’s job looks like in the future
How engineers can change the way society portrays them

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