Supporting Women in STEM with Paulina Castrellon

Episode #62
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Keep going and don't give up. There's nothing wrong with wanting more.” That’s what today’s guest believes in. And frankly, nothing describes her own life story better than this.

As a first generation latina in the US, Paulina Castrellon has overcome lots of industry challenges and lack of support from her own loved ones since the moment she decided to go for a career in STEM. Despite all the discouragement and negative words thrown at her, she knew it would be worth it.

Seven years of experience later, Paulina Castrellon is currently a successful Environmental Health and Safety Engineer at Lockheed Martin. While most people are not aware of such a role, it actually touches everyone on every aspect of their day-to-day jobs.

Today, she’ll walk you through the challenges she had to face as a woman getting into engineering and establishing herself in STEM. As a proud STEMinist, she advocates for more diversity in the field and helps young women succeed in it as well.

Paulina Castrellon is an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Engineer, protecting employees from environmental and occupational health and safety hazards in the workplace.

As an EHS engineer at an aerospace company, part of her job involves designing and creating new systems with all types of engineers to support safe production that is in line with federal, state, and local regulations.

She’s a first generation Latina/Chicana and a proud STEMinist and CSUN alumni. She's a strong advocate for environmental policy changes, diversity, equity and inclusion. You will always hear her say representation matters.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Paulina’s Inspiring Life Story as a First Generation Latina in the US
  • The Challenges She Faced Getting into STEM―And Her #1 Lesson Learned from Them
  • Why People Often Discourage Women That Want to Pursue Careers in STEM
  • The Benefits of Women Working With Other Women
  • Advice For Young Women Suffering from Impostor Syndrome―And How to Overcome It
  • The Best Way for Women to Get into STEM Fields
  • How Men Can―And Should―Help Increase the Number of Women in STEM
  • How Can We Make STEM Look Interesting to Young People?
  • What Environmental Health and Safety Engineers Do―And Why You Need Them
  • Why This Career is a Great Choice for the Hands-On Engineers Out There
  • How Occupational Health Has Gained Importance Over the Years
  • Big Dreams are What Make an Engineer. But How Do You Make Them Achievable?
  • How Innovation Will Allow Us to Continue Engineering Our Future

Resources Mentioned:

California State University, Northridge
OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Cal/OSHA – California Division of Occupational Safety and Health
Lockheed Martin
SWE – Society of Women Engineers 
SHPE – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 

Connect With Paulina:

Instagram (@paulinacastrellon) 

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