The Purpose of Global Students in Engineering with Lilian Agyemang-Yeboah

Episode # 33
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This week I talk to Lilian who is Plastics engineer. She co-hosts an amazing podcast called the L&S District where she helps international students in their journey to becoming an engineer. Her story is amazing and it was great connecting with her and talk about a lot of relatable challenges international students face when coming to the US. I hope you enjoy this episode even if you are not an international student, there is a lot of great information Lilian shares that applies to everyone.

Lilian Agyemang Yeboah is a proud black female engineer. She came to the US for college back in 2011 after finishing high school in Ghana, and since then her journey to obtaining her engineering degree was a huge rollercoaster. She has moved across states, different colleges, different degree choices, until she finally got her plastics engineering degree. She had a unique journey, and it consists of failures and successes, and she believes that is what makes the world go round. She is currently trying to do her part to create more representation for women in STEM. Now, she is a Plastics Engineer working in the Biopharma industry, and even working to support Covid efforts, she feels even more certain that she is right where she needs to be. That may not be the case for other women, which is why she is using her voice and her platform to create awareness and encourage many more women not to steer away from their interest in STEM.

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