The Real Difference Between Leadership and Management

Episode #57
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You’ve probably already looked at people in higher positions and associated them with the figure of a leader. Maybe it’s your immediate supervisor, a project manager, or even another engineer just one step further. Even though these people may have a group of other people to manage and lead, this alone does not make them real leaders.

As an engineer, you already possess the traits to become a successful manager. With a technical background focused on analytical thinking, you probably set clear goals with milestones and deadlines for each of them, develop systems and processes to help you out, as well as manage every phase so that you stay on course to achieve these goals. But is this enough when it comes to leading other people?

The short answer is no. Being a true leader is a matter of having certain skills and traits that go beyond those of a manager. And since no engineer is taught that in school, and will probably never be formally taught about it, it’s up to you to go after that knowledge.

Luckily for you, today’s episode will give you a great starting point. Drawing on data and articles from renowned publications and professional organizations, Luis details the difference between the true leader and the standard manager. He also lists some of the key traits of a leader, dissects the best places and strategies you can go to and use to learn about real leadership, as well as how you can start applying this knowledge at your workplace to take your career to the next level.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why Higher-Ranked Positions Do NOT Always Mean Good Leadership Skills
  • The Real Difference Between a Leader and a Manager
  • 5 Crucial Skills an Engineer Needs to Become a Great Leader
  • Leadership Traits and Skills of a True Leader―And How to Spot One
  • The Traits of Manager
  • How Entrepreneurial Skills Can Help Engineers in Their Careers
  • The “Engineers are Introverts” Stereotype is Not Necessarily True
  • The Transition From a Technical Engineer to a Leader at an Organization
  • The Best Ways to Learn These Leadership Skills―And How to Apply Them

Resources Mentioned:

Contact Page – Engineering Our Future – Contact Email
Forbes – 9 Differences Between Being a Leader And a Manager
Harvard Business Review – Why the Most Productive People Don’t Always Make the Best Managers
Engineering Our Future #24 – Stephanie Slocum
SEI – Structural Engineering Institute, by ASCE

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