The Ultimate Guide for Making the Most Out of College With Justin Nguyen

Episode # 41
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When I first moved to the US to attend South Dakota State University, I really did not know anything about college. As an international student, I was lost and confused to all the new things that were expected of me. At that time, I did not find many resources to navigate college and it definitively took me a couple of semesters to get into a rhythm (I got a 2.4 GPA my first semester).

I hope this episode helps all the students out there. Episodes like this are what get me the most excited because they are the ones I wish I had when I was in school. Justin shares a lot of great insights and has been helping a lot of students through his podcast and his company.

Justin is the Founder of Declassified College, a media company helping students navigate their way through college. He is also the host of the iTunes Top 10 podcast Declassified College, where he unlocks cheat codes to thriving in college in bite-sized episodes. Justin has grown his podcast through his LinkedIn and TikTok content (@declassifiedcollege) where he gets a combined 7+M views each month.

What you will learn in this episode

00:00 Intro
06:44 What are some mistakes students make when transitioning into their first job
10:07 What can students do to better prepare for their first job
14:50 How can students and young engineers make social media work for them
20:41 Which social media platforms should students use to network
24:15 How can engineers leverage LinkedIn to grow their professional network
28:59 What is the ultimate cheat code for students to find their first job
40:34 Outro


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