Three Lessons From My Failures That Every Student Should Learn

Episode #36
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A few months ago I had the opportunity to give a presentation at my alma mater South Dakota State University. When I was approached by the professor to give a presentation about risk taking and failure, I knew it was a great opportunity to share some of the many failures I had as a student. Failure is something we are scared to talk about but it is a very important topic in a culture that is constantly hiding the mistakes and promoting unrealistic expectations.

As someone who is a minority and struggled to adapt to a new culture, I understand where this students are coming from and it was a pleasure to share this story. I know there is still of work that needs to be done to increase the representation of Hispanics in STEM and the stories of struggles and success are very important to show others that it is possible.

What you will learn in this episode

🌉 What I do now as an engineer and volunteering

🌉 The psychology of taking risks

🌉 What I have learned from my failures

🌉 The importance of representation in engineering

🌉 The importance of putting yourself out there and network

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