What Is a Coach and How It Can Take You to the Next Level with Nicolai Oliden

Episode #72
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Lebron James. That’s a name you likely recognize. But what about Mike Mancias? You probably don’t know that, but Mike has been Lebron’s personal athletic trainer for over 14 years. As Lebron breaks all-time records, this shows the positive impact of working with a coach.

So today, Nicolai Oliden jumps on the podcast to discuss why you should have a coach. As someone who first got started as a financial coach after paying off $140k in debt, Nicolai and Luis talk about the importance of getting an external perspective on whatever you’re trying to achieve — and how the accountability that comes with it can take you exactly where you want to go.

Nicolai Oliden is a Roadway Project Engineer and Office Manager at Ethos Engineering in Tempe, Arizona. Ethos is a civil, structural, and geotechnical firm. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2008. In addition to his work at Ethos, Nicolai started his own leadership development company, EngineeringYOU, where he helps people develop their self-discipline and leadership skills in order to thrive at work and home. He gives presentations across the country, leads personal development groups, and is also a Financial Coach. You can find him at the engineeringyou.org website and various social media platforms.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Nicolai's Experience with Mentors and Coaches
  • How His Own Bad Financial Situation Got Him Started With EngineeringYOU
  • The Difference Between a Mentor and a Coach
  • Why You Should Have a Coach Outside of the Office
  • How to Know When You Need a Coach: Two Situations in Which You Need One
  • Different Areas of Life for Which You Can Find a Coach
  • The Importance of Having a Coach (And Why Top Athletes Do)
  • Group Coaching vs One-on-One Coaching
  • The No. 1 Thing to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching Sessions
  • What to Do Before Choosing a Coach

Resources Mentioned:

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FREE PE Course – Engineering Our Future
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Tom vs Time – Facebook Watch Original
ASCE’s PE Exam Reviews
Arizona State University

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