Why Collaboration is Important in Engineering with Catherine Martsolf

Episode #31
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We have spoken quite a bit about diversity and inclusion on this podcast. This episode with Catherine was really interesting because she is the founder of HeForSWE, an organization that empowers women through more male involvement.

She is a true example of someone that is passionate about diversity and inclusion through all the committees she is involved in as well as the experiences she has lived through. It was a pleasure talking to her and getting to know her mission and passion for a more diverse profession.

Catherine is uniquely involved in professional organizations and her local community. Catherine is the founder of the HeForSWE Affinity Group in Society of Women Engineers and serves at the local and society levels in American Society of Civil Engineers and the Environmental and Water Resources Institute. As an environmental engineer in the government sector, Catherine conducts environmental site assessments for blighted areas with heavy industrial contamination.

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Some questions discussed in the episode (Video Timestamps):

00:00​ Intro
02:18​ Intro Catherine
03:27​ What is HeforSWE?
04:10​ Why did you decide to start HeforSWE?
06:06​ Where does your passion for Diversity and Inclusion come from? 09:28​ Have you seen HeForSWE impact the collaboration of men to empower Women in STEM?
14:01​ How can men be better at promoting women in engineering?
18:40​ How can we overcome unconscious bias?
19:20​ What have you seen men or women do that we could change to promote a more inclusive environment?
25:30​ What do you think of senior engineers shutting down younger engineers with new perspectives?
28:10​ How can younger engineers turn around difficult situations of discriminations?
32:06​ What is the future of HeForSWE?
34:30​ How can we continue Engineering our Future?
37:05​ Connect with Catherine and HeForSWE
38:10​ Outro


SWE Diversity Partner Podcasts: https://alltogether.swe.org/2018/01/listen-friends-colleagues-swe-podcasts/
HeForSWE Overview: https://alltogether.swe.org/2020/07/new-heforswe-affinity-group/

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Website: https://alltogether.swe.org/2020/07/new-heforswe-affinity-group/

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